Monday Muscle

A Modern Take On Health, Food & Fitness

"In a world where time doesn't wait for anyone, have a plan, keep it simple & get it done.

There is always a way."


Since 2015, Monday Muscle has helped hundreds of people to reach their health, fitness & body goals. From the busy mums to championship winning fighters; we have worked, programmed & supported clients one to one, delivering results time & time again.

In January 2019, Monday Muscle will break rank and open it’s doors to the masses, inviting every single one of you to join Team MM and work with us, on PROJECT YOU.

Over the past year, we have been working alongside some of the greatest coaches, nutritionists & educators (thank you!) to create a project that will give everyone, an entry point into working towards a better version of themselves.

Have you always wanted to get your nutrition, weight & body under control? This is your chance to do just that. The project aims to give YOU the knowledge to progress towards your goals and change the perception of weight management from dieting to an everyday way of living.

Through support, understanding and education, you will find yourself eating your way to a better you. And guess what. It’s free. Register your interest in a place on our greatest project to date. Project You.


All you need to do is apply for access to the private Facebook group by filling in the form below. Spaces are limited and are sealed on a first come first served basis, so be quick!

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