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"In a world where time doesn't wait for anyone, have a plan, keep it simple & get it done.

There is always a way."



Monday Muscle's Food Bible - A place where you can find, quick, simple tasty meals that fit into any type of food plan.



When you wake, your body has been fasting since your last meal the previous evening, so it is important to have a meal that will fill you up and provide you with the right balance of nutrients to tackle the day.

Here you will find a vast array of breakfast ideas & inspiration to kick start your morning.

Low Carb Meals

Carbs are the body's go to source for energy. When carbs are in abundance, the body doesn't have any reason to attack it's fat stores. Reducing carbs in your daily diet, gives your body a better chance of doing just that.

Monday Muscle has created, picked & chosen a wide variety of recipes that not only have a low carb profile, but taste amazing at the same time.

Balanced Meals

This is where you will find recipes with a balanced profile for those not on a low carb diet, or for those looking for a carb refuel. Each recipe can be easily adjusted to allow you to tailor the ingredients to fit into your plan.

We call them balanced meals because they are just that. Balanced, nutritious & best of all, super easy to create.

Vegetarian & Vegan

More and more people are turning to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles for moral reasons or their many health benefits, or both.

So if you are a super strict vegan, or just don't fancy meat tonight, this section is for you.

Shakes & Smoothies

Shakes and smoothies are one of the easiest & fun ways to get the nutrients you need, into your daily diet. 

There are so many ways to diversify a shake it's amazing!  

Here are some really cool recipes, whatever your goal.