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There is always a way."



Client Testimonials

Liva Rubene Testimonial


"My 2018 started with a urge to change. I was active, trained occasionally, but my diet was all over the place. I carried with me extra body fat which didn’t want to shift no matter how hard I trained. I was 4 months into CrossFit and although my fitness was improving, my body was not adapting with it.

That’s when I decided to make a change! I spent hours online researching nutrition and nutritional coaches until I came across Monday Muscle. My life changed at that very moment! From the first text Lee just got me and I knew this will work. (P.s. It will only work if you work and put in work and energy, there are no magic pills). My extra weight literally dropped within the first 8 weeks, I started to see amazing results without really changing that much.

Most importantly - I learned how to fuel myself properly so that I have enough energy to train hard and live happy. I developed good habits over time that supported my recovery, lifestyle and helped me to be consistent. As cliché as it sounds – consistency is the key, the most important key! 
There is no magic pill. It’s just you against you. And it’s all about good olds basics – get enough sleep, eat decent portion of vegetables, drink f*ck tonne of water and minimise/manage stress.

In 2018 I practiced moderating foods. Monday Muscle helped me to set realistic targets which I regularly revisited and adapted depending on what’s going on in my life. I finally realised that my best is good enough – I don’t beat myself up if I don’t do things perfectly. And most importantly I don’t have this “all or nothing mentality” any more - where all is ruined and I will start again next Monday.

Between the occasional doughnut and gin and tonic, I have found a good balance and manage my hunger and intake in a much better way than before. No more binge eating in my household.

Monday Muscle completely changed my mind-set and I’ve been happy ever since."

Steph Graham Testimonial.jpg


I first met Lee when he opened the Monday Muscle Coffee House next door to CrossFit Huntsman. I remember talking to him about what he did and thinking to myself 'I might sign up for day’. Then that day came, looking at myself in the mirror I realised I hated what was looking back, I was training and felt bloated, tired, hungry and miserable. So I finally took the plunge and contacted Lee.

To say I felt a difference almost immediately is an understatement. I was feeling great both mentally and physically.

I was finally fuelling my body with what it needed to function and learning how to have a healthy relationship with food.

Rather than eating to make myself FEEL better I was eating to make myself BE better.

Consistency was the main key. I was training well & eating the right foods day after day. Lee helped me change my attitude towards food, understanding what worked for me helped my body change quickly and for the better.

Lee was and still is a huge help to me through the good days and the bad, reassuring me that it's ok to have a bad day, but at the same time encouraging me to be better the next day.

It’s now 9 months since starting my journey with Monday Muscle, and it’s easy to say I am now a happier, healthier version of myself.

Jen Heath Testimonial


I got in touch with Lee on a recommendation from a friend at my old CrossFit Box. I was getting married in 3 months time and whilst I was training pretty hard, I wanted some help to fine tune my diet to look as good as I could in my dress.

Lee made it incredibly easy from day one. From the moment I gave him my details and my goals he provided me with a plan that suited my lifestyle entirely. Whilst I was training 5+ times a week and eating in a calorie deficit, the advice on what macros to hit and what foods would provide higher volume meant I never felt I was restricted or like I was ‘dieting’.

For the most part I felt energised, and Lee managed to add tweaks to my plan to factor in my social life and the inevitable big weekend that would be the hen do.

After twelve weeks, my body fat %, the dress alterations and the numbers on the scales all showed the results I wanted but even with all that, it wouldn’t compare to how great I felt on the day.

Thank you Lee for all your help, and I look forward to carrying on and seeing what more I can achieve with Monday Muscle!

j coyle.png


"With my wedding coming up it was all about feeling good in that suit and looking good in the pictures, this meant one thing - I needed to shed a few kilos of body fat!

After speaking to a fellow CrossFit Huntsman member, he put me onto Lee of MM. I had never done a nutrition plan before but Lee immediately put me at ease, with no pressure from him at all for me to sign up. Within 12 weeks of being on the bespoke plan Lee created for me, including my personalized macros, I’d lost around 8kg. It was the best thing I have ever done and I find that I now have a totally different outlook and understanding of food. Better yet - I felt great on my wedding day and in my suit.

Lee is very approachable and always contactable. He provides a very personal service, staying positive even when you’re finding some of those weeks tough. He managed to customise the plan around my stag do in Vegas, and taught me how to balance a busy social life with good nutrition.

I’m already looking forward to working with him again on the next stage of my fitness journey."

jemma mehmet monday muscle


"Before Monday Muscle I was trying hard but getting nowhere - training regularly and thought I was eating well but still struggling with my weight and body-shape.

MM has changed everything for me! Before I wasn't fueling my body correctly but now the weight has dropped off and I've seen amazing results in my body! What I love is that it's so easy to incorporate into your life, flexible and easy to stick to.

A big thank you to Monday Muscle, I recommend everybody to give it a try, you will see results!"

mm gareth.jpg


"I started my weight loss journey a few years prior to working with Lee. I had done well but seemed to be going nowhere fast despite training hard and thinking about what I ate. I decided to seek the help of Monday Muscle to actually try to understand what I should be eating and how.

The personal service and detail I received from was exceptional from the off. I'm someone that like to understand the whys and how's, so I bombarded him with questions day and night. The answers and explanations always came back. Lee's method helps you understand what's going on, and the results were instant.

It was evident early in the process that my fat loss journey could be far more than I imagined. This meant my goals started to evolve and so did the planning MM provided. A six pack "Dad bod" became a reality & having my first real six pack at the age of 37 is on the cards. The help of Lee at Monday Muscle is the only reason that has become a reality.

I could not recommended Lee more frequently or highly than is deserved".


"I cannot thank you enough for helping me get through a National Netball Playoff Weekend. Normally playing an intense 1 hour game of netball in a weekend is enough for my body, and knowing I had to potentially play 4 full games in 2 days with limited time to recover, I knew I would need my nutrition to be on point. 

I have really enjoyed seeing how my body has reacted each week to the nutrition plan. Having seen consistent progress over the past couple of months, I knew that you understood my body and what it needed to fuel it. Having this confidence in you, I was so grateful that you provided me with the competition nutrition prep needed -  pre, during and post competition. 

Nutrition was something I had never really thought could have such an impact on performance, but I trusted it 100% and the results were amazing. I managed 234 minutes of netball over the 2 days, only missing the last 6 minutes of the final game due to an ankle injury, and I can genuinely say that I felt as good in the final few minutes as I did in the first. Understanding the right types of fuel and being prepared was key, but with what we discussed, I knew I had it covered and it was brilliant not having to find the right type of food in a sports cafe. 

Not only was winning the weekend and being promoted back to the National Premier League amazing, but playing the best I have probably ever played and not feeling exhausted was down to your help and support which I have hugely appreciated and would recommend you to anyone. 

Now onto the next challenge #WeddingFit!!"



"Lee does not have a magic pill, but he does have a huge amount knowledge on nutrition. Since I have been working with Lee I have lost considerable amounts of weight just in time for my wedding. His help and advice has been invaluable in getting my wedding body in check.

As a lot of regular gym go-ers, I thought I knew what and how to eat but after years of struggling to keep my weight under control, I finally made the jump and contacted Monday Muscle. Lee he has taught me so much. Not what to eat, but how to eat. 

Since working with Monday Muscle, I have lost over a stone and I am still gaining numbers on my lifts at the gym".

noo bergin mm.jpg


"Monday Muscle have been so good. Working in a hospital my hours are forever changing and it's always difficult to eat the right foods. I work hard in the gym so now I am finally seeing the results from all of that feels fantastic!

They are always there when I need some help or advice, making preparation for the week in hand so much easier".

James Gurr.png


"2017 is a massive year for me as I am getting married. With this in mind I wanted to look & feel great, so I was decided to get some help from a coach assist me achieve my goal.

Crossfit Huntsman pointed me in the direction of Monday Muscle and I haven’t looked
back since. Lee kicked off the whole process with an initial consultation which was very thorough and then developed a tailored programme specific for my needs.

The personalised plan works for my aims as well as my lifestyle. Lee understands that life is not,always straight forward, but he remains supportive throughout and ensures I remain accountable.

I am only 12 weeks into the process but have already seen great benefits, both physically and mentally. My energy levels have been much more consistent and my body is starting to take shape the way I wanted".

MM Emily Morton.jpg


"I'm a super busy person. With juggling a full time job as well as the school run every day, I fit my workouts in at 5:30am!

Signing up with Monday Muscle was a massive weight off of my shoulder (literally!) as my plan fits so easily into my daily life. It has taken away a lot of the stress & struggles I had with making the right food choices.

Since following the plan, I'm getting improved results from my workouts, have more energy & I feel really positive which impacts hugely on how I cope with such a busy lifestyle.

Lee is a constant support that encourages me to be the best version of myself and I am starting to love the person I am becoming".



"The goal had always been to stay fit and lose weight. The fitness came, but the weight loss didn't. I went into a super low calorie diet to slim down. It worked, but as soon as the beach holiday was over, the weight piled on plus more. This cycle went round & round until I gave in and contacted Monday Muscle. 

Monday Muscle have changed the way I look at food. I train hard and the results are finally starting to show. There's nothing worse than working your butt off to look in the mirror and not see what you want to see. Giving me a better understanding of what I need to eat to reach my goal has made it so easy for me. I'm eating plenty of food still, the difference is, it's the right food. I just do as I'm told, stick to the plan and the rest is easy! 5 weeks in, 5 kilos down".

laura nachoom mm.jpg


"Laura and I met Lee through The Hunstman group as we were both required assistance in losing weight correctly. Lee conveys his thought process in a way that makes it easy to understand but most of all accessible to everyone no matter what their food preferences are.

We met with Lee and discussed our current habits, trials, tribulations & goals. Soon after we received a comprehensive plan with Lee on hand to explain every detail.

We have now followed Monday Muscle for 8 weeks with outstanding benefits that enable us to eat in line with our goals without being too restrictive either.  

From a personal point, my energy levels have increased, and recovery times significantly improved. I have lost weight in a controlled manner and will continue with Lee at Monday Muscle as the results are outstanding."

siobhan mm.jpg


"Monday Muscle was recommended to me by a friend that had just started working with them.

I was on the Body Coach program & I saw it through the full 90 days. Although I was eating far more than ever, I found it hard preparing so much food and having to stick to the menu which did not fit in with family life. It was also very expensive weekly and the main support I received was through the Facebook pages.

My results did not meet my expectations considering the amount of effort I put in so decided to move on.

I had a chat with Lee. He is very approachable and knowledgeable. There is no stupid questions (which I have a lot of) & I really felt like I could trust his advice.

The plan has been tailored to me and I can fit the foods in that work for the whole family. This means less time in the kitchen but it also means I can eat out as long as it fits my plan. I find that this makes me want to stick to the plan even more as there are no real bad foods to eat as long as you can make it work in your daily allowance. 

The support has been second to none and has made me feel positive in my daily decisions.

So far I have Been on the Plan 6 weeks and have lost 5kg. I still have a long way to go but i am confident that alongside Monday Muscle, I can reach my goals".

imran mm.jpg


"Growing up, I'd always been given great food daily. It made it easy for me to eat to my heart's content and unfortunately gain weight over the years of doing so. This year everything had to change. I upped my training and asked Monday Muscle help me create a better relationship with food. They guide me, but give me enough space to make educated decisions about what I put in my body. I'm already a stone down and a I've only just started".

Chris Hadley MM.jpg


"In just four weeks, Monday Muscle has helped me achieve the best physique of my life at 45-years-of-age (or to be more precise MM has helped me reveal the physique that has been hiding under a layer of fat for years!)

I've been consistently putting it in, in the gym and on the rugby pitch and for the past seven years I've been doing CrossFit, but I could never get my nutrition right, so despite getting fitter and stronger I would never see the results I wanted in the mirror. I always looked too soft. If I was disciplined enough for long enough on Paleo, Zone, Sirt or whatever diet I was trying, I would start to see results, but I'd over do it and be losing muscle at the same time. I'd have no energy to train and, of course, I would soon fall off the wagon because I was denying myself too much food I liked.

Monday Muscle's prescription still takes a lot of commitment and discipline, but it is totally sustainable and fits in with my lifestyle. I can still go out to restaurants and parties, and I can even have a glass of red wine every evening. 

There's still lots of work to do, but in just four weeks I can see a huge transformation when I look in the mirror, my performance at the box is as good as it's ever been -- if not better -- and Lee is always there with support and suggestions when I have questions or doubts. I have no hesitation in recommending Monday Muscle to anyone looking to build the body and healthy lifestyle that they've always wanted but struggled to achieve."


"I've tried most diets and have had varied success on each. Losing weight and putting it back on just as quickly. Following some life events, I struggled to lose weight and commit to diets I had tried in the past. I found them tedious and boring and felt hungry.

Lee at Monday Muscle was able to create a plan that was easy to follow and allowed me to have better understanding of how the food I eat impacts my weight and body. It was a shaky start, but once we got my fitness regime nailed down the plan really complemented my training and I have experienced lots of changes to my weight and my body shape. They fit hand in hand and the results are finally reflecting all of the hard work!

Lee is supportive and so approachable. An amazing coach who always has my back!"