Monday Muscle

A Modern Take On Health, Food & Fitness

"In a world where time doesn't wait for anyone, have a plan, keep it simple & get it done.

There is always a way."


Monday Muscle is a hub that looks into how nutrition & training can exist alongside the hustle & bustle of a modern lifestyle.

It all started as an outlet for me to discuss health & nutrition with like minded people. People who are up at the crack of dawn, work hard, get home late, have kids to feed & entertain, second jobs, third jobs even. People who feel like pretty much all of their time is taken up by things other than looking after themselves. I quickly realised that I wasn’t alone and the daily struggles I was going through, were being mirrored by people not only close to me, but by others across the board, young to old, small to large.

Our goal aim is to change the perception of weight management from dieting to an everyday way of living. The simple fact is that diets just don’t work long term. Reducing your calories aggressively will allow you to lose weight, but by consuming well below what is considered a normal calorie intake, you will 9 out of 10 times go back to the way you used to eat and regain the weight lost & more. Just like sharply increasing your calories will only lead to an increase of fat... not the lean muscle you are looking for.

With MM there is no banished food. Food is food and it is there to be enjoyed. If you don’t enjoy what you eat, it will be impossible for it to become an everyday part of your life. Through understanding and education, you will find yourself eating your way to a better you.